Office - Development Lab
minus2, s.r.o.
SMÚ - pavilón I
Karloveská 63
842 29 Bratislava, Slovakia

tel: +421 2 20670341
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Based on your requirements, the design and implement an information system for your business. Our intranet systems are created based on the Apache HTTP server, PHP applications, and most extensively used open source database MySQL. Since PHP does not compile the source code into the final executable module source code can be modified according to your ever changing needs. Such a solution will in addition to its originality and provides a unique opportunity to further modify the application of their own means.

As an alternative, if there is any application that covers your requirements we also implement various existing open source solutions. When choosing the appropriate software products and advise you choose the best solution that will meet your specified criteria. Existing solutions adapted to your conditions, giving you a unique system based on proven products. The delivery of such a system to implement key components including hardware and server.