Office - Development Lab
minus2, s.r.o.
SMÚ - pavilón I
Karloveská 63
842 29 Bratislava, Slovakia

tel: +421 2 20670341
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Web applications and presentations are carried out in close collaboration with the client, with an emphasis on the-deploy all their requirements and needs. Taking into account the technical aspects and the design choice of suitable platform for its implementation, followed by the approval of functional specifications and graphic design copy of the sponsor alone web application or website.
Each of our web page is always original and is the perfect picture of a customer's personal preferences. We try to avoid the use of different content management systems, which, in our opinion, only destroy creativity, distort and create original solutions are just cheap (sometimes not even that) a quick fix solution to a complex problem, which undoubtedly is a quality web presence.
Our products appealing and lacking obvious options now, using administrative tools, based on solutions developed by our company independently modify the content of your presentation items. This approach provides in addition to streamlining and accelerating the flow of information towards your customers and a considerable saving of their own funds.